Infographic Links To Be Discounted?

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I just read this article on Search Engine Land’s site that Infographic links may be discounted in the future. Matt Cutt’s reasoning was that often the infographic creators use poor logic or fact checking. He further argues that infographics can sometimes employ sneaky tactics like embedding links into the image in such a way that users don’t realize it.

If it’s true that Google may discredit links with infographics, I really hope Google doesn’t just do a broad sweep and chop away. There are many useful infographics with great graphical representations and eye-opening topics. How would Google verify facts and information in a scalable fashion? Maybe they should let the community decide what’s good and relevant based on social sharing, likes, +1s, etc.? All good infographics include a source at the bottom for reference.

I’ve really enjoyed infographics as a great visual way to learn. I understand the Penguin link crackdown, but I think Google should really approach infographics carefully. A creatively designed infographic is such a great way to build domain authority and establish credibility as a knowledge source. For example, Search Engine Land created an infographic that really synopsizes essential SEO factors for successful websites below (click the infographic to see a better resolution on their site):

The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors

The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors

Sure, there’s a link to their site embedded in there, but that’s the point–to drive traffic to your site by creating good, usable content. In their article mentioned above, they had a link to a page that allows you to download the infographic in two versions, embed the code as I’ve done above in either Large, Medium, or Small formats, or host the image yourself. I don’t think there’s anything sneaky about how they’re asking for a back link here! It’s only fair that they receive a back link to the site as fair compensation for their information and content. Such good, usable content establishes authority. There has to be some compensation for great free content like this.

Please tread lightly here, Google.




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