Google to Add New Link Management Capability to Webmaster Tools Soon?

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With all this news about negative SEO and Google’s recent Penguin update, there’s been some buzz going around about something like, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some functionality in Webmaster Tools to see all the incoming links to our site and be able to click ‘delete’ or something to eradicate unwanted and harmful links?”

Well, this functionality may soon be on it’s way according to a recent interview with Matt Cutts from SMX. When asked about negative SEO impacts to websites and what to do if you got the unnatural link warning, he indicated, “…We want to see a real effort in that you remove those links. We want to see effort. We look at a random sample to see if those links are removed or not. If you remove 90% or so, you are in better shape. We understand it is difficult and we are talking to the webmaster tools to add a disavow link feature.”

Matt’s statement could, of course, mean many things, but wouldn’t it be grand to be able to disavow unwanted links (just like those Mission Impossible agents experience in every movie) straight from the Webmaster Tools interface? I’ve seen several mock-ups for how this could pan out. Google would have to disclose and display ALL links to your site for once, too, which would also be helpful.

In the meantime, stay creative in your link building processes. Diversity is the key here, because Matt also went on to say, “A lot of people waste their money buying links and it hurts the name of the whole industry. Now we’ve gone farther and try to get those links to actually hurt you.” Google has put on it’s cape and is riding over the web dispersing justice vigilante style, so raise a glass and toast to white hat SEO!

I think the future for better rankings will involve more social applications, as evident with Google+’s impetus and growing momentum. Getting loyal fans’ approval and votes will be more important than ever. Try to think what content or offerings will attract and retain loyal customers for better conversions and rankings to come.

By Scott Eggenberger


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