About Us

Roger Bailey, MBA

Roger spent many years in the public sector, improving programs and facilities for the Parks and Recreation department. He dramatically increased technologies, revenue, and processes to improve efficiency. After graduating from the University of Utah with his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, he decided it was time for greater challenges. He earned his Master of Business Administration from the U and dove into eCommerce with a software company named Infopia.

At Infopia, Roger learned how to apply his MBA skills to not only help clients operate the software, but to increase their gross monthly sales as well. He learned how to navigate the complex strategies of eBay, Amazon, Google, and websites to teach best practices for small eCommerce business owners. Roger quickly realized how important Google was to revenue results and branched out into html and SEO.

After developing strong relationships with his clients and craving a new challenge, Roger ventured out on his own to create his own business. He now owns Page Logic, Inc, an internet marketing company specializing in search engine optimization, eCommerce, and website management. With over four years of online eCommerce experience under his belt, Roger knows what it takes to succeed on the internet. Whether you’re selling products, services, or just want to drive traffic to your physical store, Roger can make it happen.

Roger is a proud husband and father of four. He enjoys hunting, fly fishing, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and camping. He is a youth baseball coach for the Herriman Havoc. Roger enjoys figuring out ways to improve things and maximizing efficiencies. He’ll work hard for you, too.

Scott Eggenberger, OPA

Scott has spent most of his career in the telecommunications wireless and advertising industries working for AT&T and Verizon as an Account Manager. He’s managed all sorts of companies from Fortune 50 companies like GE, 3M, and UPS to single-owner small businesses. Most of his experience has come on the job or through company trainings, but he’s a whisker away from his Psychology degree with a German minor at the University of Utah. A Psychology degree with German minor is a scary thought indeed, but advantageous in order to truly understand Freud…

Scott made the transition to eCommerce software at Infopia the same time Roger did. Working as an Account Manager helping businesses succeed selling products on eBay, Amazon, Google, Shopping Feeds, and website storefronts, Scott also developed strong relationships with the clients. Ultimately, he also left and went to work with Roger when Page Logic, Inc. was created.

In order for your business to have successful search engine optimization and rank high on Google, your website must first target the right keywords and be structured in such a way that Google knows what each page is about. On page optimization includes cleverly wording your content with your targeted keywords on each page so you’ll get the targeted traffic you need for conversions. Scott’s self-appointed title of OPA stands for On Page Ace because he is able to get pages to rank for myriad keywords in such a way that seems natural and not spammy. The OPA isn’t as cool or important as Roger’s MBA, but it makes Scott feel better about himself.

Scott also has a family of six and enjoys soccer, volleyball, hiking, camping, yoga, and playing the ukulele. He coaches 3 youth soccer teams and is the local scoutmaster. He is dedicated to making sure customers succeed and being creative with solutions.